Passive House BKLYN

Energy Revolution in a Brooklyn Townhome

The People

The Architect:

Jeremy R. M. Shannon is the Principal Architect of Prospect Architecture, PC, a sustainable design-build firm located in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and is, as well, a Passive House Consultant, LEED Accredited Professional, BPI Envelope  and Multi-Family Specialist. Jeremy specializes in residential townhouse and multifamily building construction using sustainable materials and focusing on energy efficiency. He designed and is currently managing the renovation and retrofit that is expected to achieve Passive House certification.


One response to “The People

  1. Tomas O'Leary January 30, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Hi Guys

    Congratulations on a great project. Renovation to the Passive House Standard is a massive challenge – we too are involved in such projects here in Europe. Solving the airtightness and thermal bridges is without question the most difficult part from our experience.
    We will be visiting NYC in May 2011 to deliver the Certified Passive House Designer course. I would love to connect with you guys.

    All the Best


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