Passive House BKLYN

Energy Revolution in a Brooklyn Townhome

Catching Up

The windows were completely installed at the end of April and allowed us to move on to the long list of things that were contingent on the windows being in place, such as all of the interior finishes!

The custom casement and crown moldings were delivered and installed along with the newly designed marble mantel.

The kitchen cabinets, countertops and tiles were installed.

The bathroom tiles and fixtures were installed.

The staircases and floors were refinished.


The work on the backyard and deck began (a blue stone paved yard, a metal deck topped with FSC-certified Ipe wood and StepStones and a green roof projecting from the parlor floor).

The skylights were installed. (The skylights took a very long time to obtain. First, the difficulty was finding a company who made skylights that achieved the standard we required. After much searching, we selected Fakro, a Polish skylight manufacturer. Thus the second difficulty was the lead time.)

As well, there was tons of plastering, painting, caulking, air sealing all happening in preparation for the client to move in at the end of August.

Next up: A summation of the systems used in this Passive House, Things we’ll know for next time, and Where do we go from here?


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