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New Roof and Spray Foam Prep

This week, we put a lot of focus in preparation for the spray foam installation. There is no turning back after this phase. Anything in the way of the foam as it expands will either move or be buried, so special attention was given to protecting our framed walls. DSCN4859The carpenters installed a lot of bracing on the studs of the framed walls to keep them from moving out of plumb and or level during the foam expansion.
The roof (new, durable SBS membrane) was installed this week (minus the new skylights.) The roofers removed many attic ducts intended for venting the interior space. DSCN4838This concept of attic venting is outdated and contrary to the passive house concept. Since we will have mechanical ventilating systems in place, we will be able to control exactly how much fresh air enters the home. Open holes in our air barrier aren’t needed and are avoided at all costs.  We can now move forward with our solar panels installation for the hot water system.
Early next week, while we continue to work out the particulars on the ventilating system and windows, the house will be cleared of the contractors so the spray foam can be installed.


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